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The Project Objectives

Specific objectives of the project

1. Develop new master programs in highway/road construction engineering at TARI, SACI, JPI, NSU.
2. Develop new masters programs in vehicle engineering at TARI, AMI, JPI.
3. Introduce new teaching methodologies aimed at elaborating more interaction between teachers and students and giving more focus to laboratory and experimental/application based studies instead of theoretical ones.
4. Establishing Engineering laboratories at AMI, JPI, NSU, SACI, TARI.
5. Establish long term links between universities and industries.

Tempus programme objectives, themes and priorities addressed by this application
- Curriculum reform in engineering
- Upgrading skills of university teaching staff, especially in the field of Engineering
- Establishing university industry links
- Wide applications of information communication technologies
- Reforming curricula in engineering education by preparing new 12 MSc specialization and 3 general engineering courses
- Upgrading skills of university teaching staff in the field of Engineering
- Establishing university industry links
- Developing wide applications of computer technology tools in teaching and learning
- Creating basis towards the Bologna process in Engineering in the example of two master programs: highway/road construction engineering and vehicle engineering in Uzbekistan.


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