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There is a high need to develop and strengthen a specialization in highway/road construction engineering and vehicle engineering at five technical universities of Uzbekistan. The main objective of the project is to produce a new generation of engineers capable of performing constructive engineering works in the highway/road construction and vehicle engineering fields.

The specific goals of the project are:

1 Reform six existing courses at JPI, NSU, SACI, TARI for master programs in highway/road construction engineering.
2 Develop six new courses at AMI, JPI, TARI for master programs in vehicle engineering.
3 Introduce new computer-based teaching methodologies aimed at elaborating more interaction between teachers and students, and lab and experimental/application based studies instead of theoretical ones.
4 Establishing Interdepartmental Engineering labs at AMI, JPI, NSU, SACI, TARI.
5 Train current teachers and university staff on new courses, methodologies and equipment.
6 Establish long term links between project partner universities and industries.

Achievement of the following outcomes are foreseen at the end of the three-year project period:
1. 6 reformed MSc courses in Highway/road construction engineering with all necessary teaching materials.
2. 6 new MSc courses in Vehicle Engineering with all necessary teaching materials.
3.  Interdepartmental Engineering Laboratories and test facilities with special equipment and instrumentation for laboratory measurements and analyses established at 6 Uzbek universities.
4.  60 Uzbek teachers, lecturers and assistant lecturers teaching in Highway/road construction and Vehicle engineering are trained and their knowledge and skills are updated.
5.  200 engineers working in highway/road construction and Vehicle Engineering are trained in newly designed training courses at 5 Uzbek universities during the project lifetime.
6.  Close links between academic and industry partners are established.



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